Dewey’s: CPK on P-90X! (because steroids are just bad)

Okay, so I have to give a major shout out to my friend Katie who is studying staging and costume design (or something like that) here at The Ohio State University. When she found out I was searching for the best pizza in Columbus, Katie asked in a matter-of-fact tone whether I had tried Dewey’s. Dewey’s Pizza is a family owned chain that operates in select cities. Like most places in Columbus, Dewey’s uses style and atmosphere to distinguish itself. Some of the particulars include a large window wall between the dining area and the kitchen (situated right next to the entrance so you can’t miss the flying pizza dough), a bar with plenty of TV angles (I don’t drink but I hear the selection is particularly good for a pizza joint), and a very patterned amidst dimly lit tables feel. Enough of that, how was the pizza? Take a look!

Double the flavors, double the fun.

Dewey’s has a good variety of specialty pizzas that remind me of California Pizza Kitchen but even better. If you have a hard time choosing which pizza to try, don’t be afraid to double up the specialties (like I did with mine). They are used to it. In case you are a salad person, they also serve some mean greens and good dressings. Outside of the neat atmosphere and better than CPK pizza style, everything else is what you’d expect. The pricing is about right for a pizza dining experience (a little more than delivery) and the servers are really helpful.

So far, I have blogged about Hound Dogs and now Dewey’s. My next pizza blog will be about a place called Fabian’s. I will be going back (I forgot my camera the first time I went) to try out a new pie and maybe a side. If you have any suggestions on what I should try please let me know!