Birthday Party

The past weekend was great. A bunch of MAcc students got together to celebrate the end of the first round of on-campus interviews at a local bar on Friday. On Saturday, I went to Yuzhi (Emily) Li’s, a fellow MAcc student and blogger, birthday party. Many Chinese students in the MAcc program were there. I was finally able to tell my “cold” jokes now,because those jokes were often lost when I attempted to translate them in English.

Before arriving at Emily’s apartment, I was envisioning a busy kitchen where she and her roommate were running in and out cooking Chinese food. When I stepped into the apartment, I was a little shocked, because everyone there was sitting comfortably on the couch eating chips. When I started to wonder where my dinner was, I found pizza and KFC fried chickens on the dinner table. Wow, it’s an Americanized birthday party. Although I was hoping for some homemade Chinese food, I had to admit that it was smart to serve pizza at the party. Cooking Chinese food for a crowd of 10 people would’ve been a real mess.

Although we had an Americanized dinner, we played pretty much the Chinese way. Adella Ma brought with her a widely popular board game in China. It was called Three Kingdoms Kill. Sounds cool, isn’t it? It’s a role playing board game, one person plays the King. Two people are loyal subordinates, who try to protect the King. Another two people play betrayers, whose goal is to kill the King. One person plays the opportunist, who will swing back and forth and try to take on everyone else. The game was really fun. It was intriguing to figure out who your partner was, who your opponents were, and who the opportunist was. More importantly, the game brought out a lot of jokes and fun talk among us. I enjoyed myself so much that I felt like I was hanging out with a bunch of friends back home in a local pub.

Of course, fun didn’t stop with the Three Kingdoms Kill game that night. We grabbed some drinks and talked about the fun experiences we had back home in China. We come from different regions of China, but, here at OSU, we are a big close-knit family.

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  1. Hahaha, I totally understand your feeling with “…I was finally able to tell my “cold” jokes now,because those jokes were often lost when I attempted to translate them in English.”

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