Ready… Set… Recruit!

With OSU being such a big school, it is a key school for the recruiting circuits of countless firms, nationwide. I know there are a ton of companies in general that are in the process of recruiting the highly coveted Fisher students, but specifically, there is a great line-up of accounting firms interested in the MAcc students. I won’t list all of the firms here because I do not want to leave anyone out, but trust me, they have a great lineup.

This week is when most of the bigger accounting firms begin their first-round interviews, and of course, a lot of those firms tend to have a pre-interview social the night before their interviews. So what does that mean for the MAcc students who are career hunting? A very busy next few weeks! On the one hand, it’s great to see all the career opportunities that are open to students here, but on the other hand, I do not envy how busy they’ll be during this time-intensive process.

For those of you new to the recruiting process, most companies start the season with some welcome event, followed by an appearance at the career fair, then they start the selection process which starts with a first-round interview with a “pre-night.” After a few weeks, the applicant pool is narrowed down and then come the second-round interviews which typically involve doing an actual office visit (most likely of the office you are interested in) and then a whole second day of interviews. After all this, they usually can narrow it down enough to make their offers a few weeks later. Overall, it is an extremely quick process to go from applying online to accepting an offer for a full-time position or internship, but speaking from a perspective of someone who has been there – it is all completely worth it. I honestly applied to about 15 accounting firms back in CO and was accepted to first round-interviews to all of them. After that I was able to narrow it down, but going through recruiting for so many firms at the same time was extremely intensive. I do have to say my favorite part of recruiting season was the chance to network with so many new people, not to mention the other students who were right there with me. (The free meals every other night were also a nice perk).

So for those of you going through recruiting right now, I just wanted to wish you the best of luck!