Driving through…

I just achieved a new milestone in life: first time driving in the freeway. And not just any freeway, it’s from somewhere around Ann Arbor, MI to Columbus, OH.

I’m usually just the passenger. I actually prefer to be one. I do not need to know all the twists and turns of every corner. nor do I need to be alert throughout the (sometimes) long trips. And the best part: I can sleep! Today, however, the “regular designated driver” was feeling under the weather. And I had to take over.

Being the first time I’ll ever be in the freeway, I was a little scared. I was in-charge of getting everyone safely home. Things did not go perfectly at first. Being unused to hearing instructions from the GPS, I ended up in the wrong lane and had to exit the freeway temporarily.

I also had to get used to making sure I am not too fast or too slow. With the speed limits changing up on me a lot of times, I needed to adjust several times. It is harder to remember to slow down when you go from a 65mph speed limit to 55mph and lower.

I also hate driving alongside trucks. The thought of a gigantic figure that can possibly lose control and hit our tiny car is horrible.

Good news though. I was able to pass my first freeway drive with flying colors.

What can we learn from this little anecdote?

1 – We can be harsh on ourselves sometimes that we do not trust in our capabilities. It is great to know that other people see something better in us and trust us. Instead of feeling pressured to perform, we should instead use it to boost our confidence.

2 – We make mistakes – and that’s fine. Instead of stopping after exiting the freeway for being in the wrong lane, we can just drive right back in. Certainly something important in life – never quit!

3 – Be aware of the surroundings. Make sure you are not breaking of the rules just to reach your goals.

4 – It may be intimidating to compete against “big trucks” – people who are smarter or in other ways better than you. But instead of pulling back, you can instead carve your own path. Try to learn from others to improve yourself.

Let’s drive on! 🙂