Nestle Networking Event

Last Thursday night I attended the Nestle Networking Event downtown at the Elevator Brewing Company.  It was fun, informative, and everything I could have asked for out a recruiting event.  Nestle did a great job putting it together and it was nice to have an event off of Fisher’s campus.

The focus of this particular event was on marketing positions at Nestle.  More specifically, the aim was to use this opportunity to fill us in on their brand management program and at the same time check out potential candidates in an informal setting.

All three of the recruiters were recent Fisher grads who were eager to share their thoughts on the classes we were taking (read: professors), as well as detailed info about some of the projects they were involved in at Nestle and what we could expect if we came to work there.  They were genuinely interested in finding out about us, what our goals were, and they were kind enough to stay well after the event was over to talk with students.  They also organized a trivia game which turned out to be pretty fun and also helped everyone learn a little bit about all the different product offerings they have.

Several second-years who interned at Nestle last summer, all of whom received full-time offers to work there next year, were also in attendance and offered a lot of helpful insights into the company.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with the event.  It was very informative and it was easy to get around and talk to all the recruiters and second-years.  Admittedly, not every event at Fisher has been this much fun, but I think this was a great example of the high-caliber companies and networking events that we continually have access to here at Fisher.