The Social Network

So, as I sit there watching my watch tick-tock-tick-tock, I couldn’t help but wait to get out. I had convinced myself that this was not going to be fun at all. Everyone was pretty quiet and kept to their selves. This was NOT where I wanted to be.

That was the sum of my feelings in the first hour of orientation, 3 weeks ago. My first impressions were that everyone was taking it a little too seriously, and no one was looking to have fun. The orientation was great. The information was really helpful, we even left with little cheat sheet packets, in case we couldn’t pay attention. The only think that I thought was lacking were the people. I was able to chat with some people on the first day of orientation and they were really amazing. However, the majority of our class just seemed to be “strictly business.” So you can imagine that my first night coming home after orientation, I didn’t have the highest of hopes for my class.

Now, lets skip ahead 3 weeks in this process, and I’ll set the scene.

So, as I sit there watching my watch tick-tock-tick-tock, I couldn’t help but wait to get out. I had convinced myself this was going to be a lot of fun. Everyone agreed with me, and this was definitely where I wanted to be!

This was the end of our last class of the week – Statistics. Everyone couldn’t wait to get out, as we were all pretty out of our element from a full week of grad classes. So, we were pretty excited to get out of there and hang out. As soon as Dr. Bendapudi asked

Any last questions?

we were out of there. Our class headed to its usual spot – The Varsity Club. It’s a simple little sports bar, right next to the business school. Kind of small, and it really has a “Cheers” kind of feel to it. So that is where we went, and that is where we stayed for an hour or two. Some people had a few drinks, others didn’t. People were talking, others were listening. It was a great time for all, and certainly not what I had imagined at the end of my first day of orientation.

In the 3 weeks that this post covers, I felt better about my class and they had opened up. Little did I know the first day at orientation, everyone was nervous. Most people deal with it by becoming a little more reserved. My way of dealing with it is to just let loose. Luckily, by day 2 of orientation everyone made friends and started to exchange phone numbers. People were letting their guards down and friendships were being formed, as quick as a professor could assign readings. It turned into something great. So naturally, we were making plans, setting up study groups, social events, and even just times to grab lunch with each other. For me this was a perfect example of incorrectly judging a book, by a glimpse of its cover – from far away.

I’m sure this week will be the same as last. The week will start of strong, and people will be ready to conquer the world. By our last class of the week, I have no doubt that we’ll be running out of there, ready to hang out and catch up with each other as much as we can. So the past 3 weeks have been a huge transformation for me, and my classmates. We started out as people we sit next to in class, and it has turned into our own Social Network!