Some Like it Hot – a Fisher homage to Tony Curtis

Service to others is the rent we pay for time on this planet.

I heard this quote from the late Tony Curtis, last week on NPR as I drove to Fisher.  I found it very fitting given that as a First Year MBA student I spent my lunch hours last week learning about all the different student organizations at Fisher, most of which have a strong service component.  There’s Fisher Board Fellows that matches MBA students with local non-profits; Fisher 5K which raised and donated over $17,000 to charities in 2010; Fisher Serves coordinates many service-based initiatives, including the upcoming Fisher Community Service Day.  Even Fisher Follies has a charitable component – and they encourage student comedy, just like Tony Curtis would have wanted.

This is just a small sample of the Student Organizations at Fisher.  Unlike ‘Spats Columbo’, the students of Fisher are earning their rent on this planet – one great organization at a time.  Now I just have to decide how many of these great Student Organizations I can fit into my schedule…

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