A high note weekend

The energy of the mind is the essence of life. 

And there was a lot of positive energy there, waiting to be felt by those who could sense the vibes of great winners in life...  

Yes, as you had guessed, am talking about the NAWMBA Conference 2010 held at Louisville, Kentucky on Oct 1 and 2.  I am not the first one to report this in my blog and I am certain that I won’t be the last one either.  No woman blogger of Fisher can resist the urge to write about this truly inspiring conference. (In fact, there was one gentleman from our class who had attended this conference, in spite of being the only man in a sea of women MBAs). Such was the magnetic pull of the highly successful leaders who graced the occasion.

 Awesome women leaders, thought provoking speeches, business opportunities and of course, loads of fun defined the conference.

Some feed for thought from various speakers at the conference

-- Know what you want, map the values that you hold dear, ingrain those values in your actions and always always keep looking ahead

-- An obstacle is only as much strong as you want it to be. Do not be bogged down by road blocks. Instead, know that you have the ultimate power to realize your dreams no matter how big they may seem to you at the beginning

-- Leadership is 'inclusive', in growing together. That is the true form of leadership that one should aspire for and the one that would last

And finally, the words of Lynn Tilton, who once saved  250,000 jobs  -- "it's women who really run the world. We are natural creators, we give birth to children. Too often we are what men expect us to be & the further away from success we get. We need to create leadership that inspires...we need to rise up as one people."

Those, I guess, were the main goals of this conference - to make women realize their potential; to help them break away from the conventional descriptions that try to mask their strength;  to help them be inspired towards greater success.

I am sure that many women like me would have taken a leaf out of these great personalities' books, to be used as a guiding light in their lives, both professional and personal.

For one day, our lives will flash before our eyes. Let's make sure that it would be worth watching, by giving our best every waking moment...

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