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It’s October!

That exclamation point at the end of October is not just me trying to get your attention. I am genuinely so excited that it is October. No, not because it’s football season. Because it’s fall, and I am in Columbus, Ohio.

I’m a Columbus, Ohio native but for the last five years I have been living away from home. The latter of those four years I was attending school at Clemson University in South Carolina, and last year I was living abroad in China.

I am determined to not let this October go by without enjoying all that Columbus has to offer in the fall.

So… what does October mean?

Believe it or not, October means more than Pumpkin Spice Lattes. In Columbus, October means cool, fresh air, great local produce and plenty of opportunities to visit farms where you might just find that perfect pumpkin. And if you have time left over why not channel your inner child (you know, the part of you who still wants to go trick-or-treating) and go to a haunted house.

Skeptical Reader: Rachelle, you just started the MAcc program. You must be so busy with homework and your job search, how will you make sure that this October doesn’t pass you by?

As an undergrad, this would have been a really good question. But now, I’m an OSU graduate student, I can’t just hope for something to happen, I have to make it happen. I have to set goals.

My October Goals

I will go…
1.    To a haunted house
2.    To a local farmer’s market
3.    To a pumpkin farm
4.    To an apple orchard

Great. I feel much better. Not only have I stated my goals, but I have publicly stated my goals. Four goals, four weeks in October, this should be fun!

Lastly, I encourage you, wherever you are, to set some fun October goals. And who knows, maybe next year you’ll be enjoying a Columbus October.

Hmmm… what should I do first?