READing Rainbow and Kanye’s New WORKout Plan

So this was the first official week of graduate school (a Monday-Friday) week, and I already feel behind.

My book for my business statistics class (which I’m not going to even blog about because I would have to first know what I am talking about) didn’t come in until WEDNESDAY so I was really mad that I was six days behind.

A lot of people I knew in undergrad said they never did the reading in class. I was the opposite.  No matter what class it is, if I don’t do the reading I will not understand anything in class.  And not just reading – but reading IN DEPTH.  I could never sell back my books, because there was so much highlighting, underlining, and writing in the book.  Doing all of this in graduate school is horrific.

For each of the three nights I had class this week I left my house at 8AM and did not get back until anywhere from 10:30PM to 11:30PM.  I eat, read a page or two, and just pass out.

Okay that explains the Reading Rainbow.  Now I’ll explain Kanye’s New Workout Plan. In high school, I was in good shape because I ran cross country.  I tried to workout in college, but I never had time because I was always working, had class, going to meetings, etc.  My freshman year I got the “Freshman 12” (not all the way to 15).  I would be the guy that went to the RPAC (OSU’s largest recreational facility) in jeans to eat instead of working out.  At the first OUAB (campus programming board) I volunteered I got a picture with Cal Ripken.  I emailed it to my mom to show her I wasn’t screwing up, in jail, had kids, and was overall successful in college.  Her response “You need to do some sit-ups.”

So now that I have graduated, I have had this growing fear that I am going to develop “the old man pooch”.  What is that? It’s that stomach fat that old men get.  They generally look in shape except their gut is out of control.   I had one that was developing over the summer and I freaked out and bought 4 Slim-Ts (and I was mad that they didn’t even work).

For example of the “old man pooch” and Slim-T see here:

I know – HORRIFIC.  And I refuse to let this happen to me. I ran 5 days this week.  I haven’t been excited to run since high school.   My very first day though I thought I was going to die and was Sore City for the next 2 days.  It was funny because most people feel good after running, but on my first day I felt awful because I was wondering what people walking/driving by me were thinking about my horrific form.  I’ll eventually get my stamina back up though.  I got an email about Fisher people running or something a few days ago, and was excited until the person said they were going to run EIGHT MILES.

Next week I am going to start doing sit-ups.  The next, push-ups, and then week by week  incorporating a different muscle group so that I will be super fit by spring break (so that I can go nowhere).   There are a few guys in my program who seem like they are in good shape, but I am not going to ask them if they want to go to the gym for fear of them laughing at my attempt to lift anything.

So with being super busy ALL THE TIME it has been hard for me to enjoy like anything (which kind of how it was in undergrad, too). All my professors in every class keep saying “HR people have to know the numbers.”  So I have incorporated my own numbers into My Fisher Grad Life (pun intended):

7: hours of sleep I will get a night

6: days I will read (academic productivity on Game Day should be outlawed)

5: days I will work out

4: hours I will attempt to pay attention in class

3: days I will be in class (and on time)….only have class once a day Tuesday-Thursday

2: days where I will be social and fun and prove to my friends that I am a living human being

1: hour a day I will spend devoted to Facebook and Twitter (probably more)

Random Study Tip:

If you want good study music, go to  They have mixes, and they have a Homework Mix that is PERFECT for studying.  They also obviously have good mixes for getting ready to go out on the town as well.

Oh and Go BUCKS.