Getting Started

The 22nd day after I arrived in U.S., I go back to be a student. Having participated in so many orientations, I’m quite sure what to expect.

At the very beginning of this quarter, the MBLE Association held a session for job-hunting (e.g. advice, etc.). We invited a second-year student in MBLE program who found internship last year and she spoke about her experience. We also asked many questions related to coursework and living in Columbus. The only pity is I just took one piece of pizza, so I should definitely order more next time!

Besides, I want to mention the Dean’s Dinner and Alumni Awards last Friday evening. It was the first “official” dinner I had in U.S. There are some rules to obey, for example, to put forks and knives parallel in the middle of the plate means that you have finished your meal. Well about the alumni awardees – I didn’t expect they would be so humorous! Anyway, it was a good opportunity to network and gain experience. The seating capacity was limited, so if you’re here next year, be sure to sign up early!

Things are starting to get back to normal. I need to preview contents of courses before class, review and do homework after that. How long have I not done that? Whatever, I’m determined to enjoy this (maybe) last period of student life.

Author: Yi Sui

Work hard and have fun!