To new Chinese students

Hi, new Fisher Chinese students! Welcome to Fisher! Hopefully, you have adapted to the new environment in a short period!

I think a majority of you consider the language barrier as your biggest challenge right now. Actually, it is common to experience a language barrier in the first quarter.However, don`t worry about it.  You just need to continue to learn English from your American classmates and don`t hesitate to express yourself in English in different situations.

You may also find that American study is quite different from Chinese study. In my view, it is better to participate in study teams and study with students from different countries. I highly recommend that you partner with American students, who are good at taking notes and sitting for American exams. And, you can do research before class, which can help you perform well in the class. Additionally, asking questions and speaking up is very welcome among Americans. Do not worry about losing face. It is not worthwhile losing knowledge. Please try to ask as many questions as possible.

In terms of career development, you can join GHRA (Graduate Human Resources Association) and learn from your mentor through the GHRA mentor program. Furthermore, you can apply for a volunteer or unpaid job. Additionally, some MBA organizations can provide you opportunities to network with employers as well.  Last, but not least, try to visit the career office as much as possible and conduct mock interviews with your career adviser. By the way, Spring is a time when  many employers come to school.
Hopefully, you can have a wonderul life in Fisher!