Time and Change

As a child growing up I heard the quote

The more things change, the more they stay the same

I just thought this was a grown-ups way of dealing with change. Little did I know its a truth that I would find out about Graduate School. Just graduating from Ohio State in the fall, I have to admit that I was certainly nervous, looking down the road for fall, which meant I would start school as a grad student. Even typing the words seems a bit odd. I have heard so many horror stories from the amount of reading you have to do, what is expected of you, and the stress of all it combined; not to mention the idea that I might actually turn from semi – to full fledged NERD!

So you can imagine my anticipation when on the first day of class our professor says

You are the best of the best, so as you see on the syllabus I’m expecting a lot of you

It was at that point, my entire class fell just an inch deeper in their seats. This is when it starts getting real. So I go home to my apartment. Grab a notebook, a text book, some pens as well as my favorite highlighters and get ready to go to work. It was then that it hit me, I’ve been here before. Yes, I’m not even a full week into grad school yet, but I already have a comfort area. Yes, it’s a different level than undergraduate studies. Yes, it does seem like a lot. Most importantly, yes – I have the tools for success. The same study habits and techniques that helped me succeed as an undergrad, are the same ones that I am using for my course work now. So while this may be a huge change in terms of what have experienced before, it’s really comforting to know that I’m not in the dark. The more that my life has changed from am undergraduate student to a graduate student, the more it has stayed the same.