Oh Hey There Grad School

So I just completed my first week as a grad student (CRAZY!) and, my oh my, it  has been different from my typical first day of school in college.  I did my undergraduate career at Ohio State and the first day of fall quarter always starts on Wednesday (well, it does while OSU is still have the quarter system).  I normally only had class 2-3 days of week, so basically the first week of class meant “Syllabus Week,” aka not even buying books until the following Monday.  I have tried to be a little more prepared for graduate school, so I have all my books except one (because apparently my address doesn’t exist to the shipper).  I even bought a netbook, so that I can have something smaller to carry around with me to take notes in class!

So I will make a few highlights of this first week:


BOOT CAMP.  I mean MLHR Career Boot Camp (I’m not the “drudging through trenches” kind of person).  It was a long day but EXTREMELY informative. One of the companies recruiting Fisher MLHR students sent each participating MLHR student a box of goodies (it actually looked like a happy meal box from McDonald’s sans any color or art or food).  Inside there was a notebook, a fancy pen, and a SWANKY flash drive.  There was also a note that basically invited us to look into interning or working for the company.  This was still two days before class and companies are putting work into recruiting me and my classmates.

A variety of HR professionals came in to speak about the field which was a very excellent opportunity to network and rub elbows to get future internships.

The entire program was great, but the end of the day was my favorite part (no, not because I wanted to be done).  Near the end of the bootcamp, there was a panel of 2nd-year MLHR students to talk about their experiences with class and their internships.  I was RELIEVED for two reasons.

1) Recruiters know that many people in our program do not have that much HR experience, and are looking for a lot of leadership experience (thankfully I have both).  One of the recruiters even said that even though they have been talking to semester schools, they don’t even start sending out offers to those students until they have had the chance to interview with us (AWESOME).

2) When we had orientation, I believe one of the speakers said that 2/3 of recruiters are done hiring for their summer internships MID-NOVEMBER.  Since then I have been on a light to medium simmer freak-out since then.  I was SO RELIEVED that of all the panel members present, the earliest that one of them had secured their internship was in January.  Many received them in March and some not even until June.  I mean I definitely don’t want to have to wait that long, but I was afraid I was going to be weeping at the Thanksgiving table because I didn’t have an internship to complete the requirements of my program in order to graduate.

The last part of the bootcamp was the mock interview which was very helpful.  I got good advice on my strengths and weaknesses (which I had in the back of my head always thought of and now I’m glad a career coach finally confirmed them to me).

It was a great day, and I’m glad Steve (the MLHR career services director) let me in (even past the date one was supposed to sign up/RSVP).


I was just about to leave work to go to class (because I’m going to try to be 10  minutes early rather than late like I was in undergrad this time around) and it started to rain hard and tornado sirens started to go off.  Now every Wednesday, at least in Columbus, they check the tornado sirens and they go off anywhere from 10am-noon.  But it was like 5:25 pm.  I was like “Great.  My first grad class and I’m going to be soggy and be swept away by some crazy cloud.”  Lucky, neither of those happened.  Class started at 6.  Class got out 35 minutes later.  I was so happy that we actually had a Syllabus Day (I thought those would have been over by now).  But believe me, as soon as I got home I started getting to work on the 102 pages of reading due the next week.  I have broken it down so that I only have to do 15 pages a day which isn’t so bad…but it is the history of Industrial Relations.  History is really not the bees knees for me.  I actually started blogging because my mind started to wander as I was reading.  I’ll get through it though.


That was business stats.  Let me tell you.  I had to use Freshmen Forgiveness for Algebra and Trig, and I passed regular stats with a C (not a fan of those).  I’m hoping that since this is business stats (something that I will actually be able to apply to future coursework and my career) and not just regular stats (something I am forced to take to meet a GEC requirement and get into my undergraduate program) that I will like it better.  The first day wasn’t that bad.  Professor Ven-kat  Ben-da-Pudi (venn*cat, ben*duh*poo*dee) is really nice.  I spell his name out like that because he randomly picked me as the person to help the entire class learn how to pronounce his name right.  “He’s such a good leader.”….points for me YES.  He lectured for about 2 hours. When we were done with the notes he asked the class if it was okay for him to go on to the second chapter…there was just silence.  I thought he was joking until he kept lecturing, but then he let us out 3 minutes later.  We got out around 9:05ish so I was so glad that I could get home in time to watch Jersey Shore.

This week has been pretty low-key.  I am not going to say it has been easy.  I am not going to say it has been hard.  I am just managing graduate school, but so far I have no complaints!