What defines you?

Great questions deserve great answers.  If you’re in the process of investigating full-time MBA programs, my guess is you’ve already started formulating your answer to this particular question. Why?  You’ll have to answer it on each admissions application you submit.  Self-knowledge (values, traits, talents, flaws, goals) is key to selecting the right program for you.

Me? No spoiler alert needed … I decided that the Fisher College of Business full-time MBA program was right for me. One of my goals for this blog is to highlight the people, places, and events that make Fisher unique.  I encourage you to follow along.  Even better: go right ahead and live vicariously through me.  A word of warning: no one promised me a rose garden.  I expect the next couple of years to contain ups and downs, victories and disappointments, successes and failures.  My promise is to share my personal experiences with you, giving you a glimpse of what it is like to be a full-time MBA student at The Ohio State University.

The first week of classes is coming to a close and it’s hard for me to remember a time when I’ve been happier.  I’m excited about all that is to come and I look forward to telling you more about what has already transpired (experiencing Fisher Advantage Orientation, meeting my team, finding a place to live as well as a roommate, etc).  All in good time.  Right now, I need to wrap up and get to bed.  I’ve got a big day tomorrow: Fisher Professional Services‘ Consulting Boot Camp (8am – 5:30pm), a Cullman Executive Series lunch, and an evening at The Blackwell recognizing distinguished alumni at the Fisher Alumni Awards Event.  PS: Not one of those events was on my calendar 10 days ago.

Opportunities are limitless.

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