Why O H I O ?

Well everyone, this is my first post. In order to give you all a little bit of perspective, I think I’m going to start off with a few details concerning who I am and where I’ve been. Although I’d like to start off with the dark, stormy night 25 years ago, I think it more prudent to start off with where I’ve been since graduating from high school in Durham, NC. After working a year in order to support myself, I served a full time, two-year religious mission for my church speaking Spanish in rural Idaho. At first, I felt that taking three years away from my education and future would be a huge sacrifice. It turns out, the time off from school helped me gain perspective and focus. That focus enabled me to do well in my undergraduate studies at Brigham Young University-Idaho and helped me land an internship with PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York, NY. It also kept me on track for a good graduate education and may be the single most reason for my being here.

After bouncing around from a couple different majors, I chose to focus on accounting for an education as I felt it truly opened the most doors to opportunities I wanted to pursue. Clearly, to open the most doors as an accountant, you want to arrive at the CPA designation. More often than not, this means obtaining 150 semester hours and in certain instances even means obtaining some of that in graduate level coursework. A Masters in Accounting (MAcc) makes sense. The only major decision in my then immediate future was choosing a graduate school to attend. I sent my GMAT scores to four or five different top ten programs and had many opportunities to attend various top accounting programs.

If you’re anything like myself, I wanted to get the best combination of top-talent faculty, national recognition, and return on investment. As I began weighing my options (BYU, Texas, USC, Ohio State) and visiting the different campuses, I felt that all of these programs carried similar characteristics. All staffed amazing faculty, all were nationally recognized, and all had resources and close networks with the big 4 accounting firms and fortune 500 companies. Where the MAcc program here at Fisher really stood out, was the return on investment. After weighing my options, I felt that my opportunity cost was smallest here. Between the cost of living and affordable tuition, The Ohio State University came out as a clear winner on my ROI.

Looking forward, I will be trying to weigh in with my observations on the accounting program along with different opportunities the Fisher College of Business provides with it. As I am writing this, I am gearing up for my first day of classes. To be honest, I feel mostly excited and maybe even a little giddy. I look forward to working with a professor who not only knows tax accounting, but also co-authors several graduate level tax texts. I am excited to begin working along side some of the best classmates found not only in the country, but also in the world. I am anxious to own my very personalized masters degree (a focus on taxation with some financial accounting and finance courses on the side). Above all, I am ready to embark on the journey that is becoming an Ohio State buckeye!