Not in this House, Brandon Hanning

Bobcat:  Hitting Brutus was ‘whole plan’

Ohio State Football is definitely an experience for the ages.  Over the years,  I have been to quite a few collegiate and professional sporting events and I would say attending a football game at ‘The Shoe’ tops ’em all.

First of all, I was absolutely ecstatic to learn that I would have the opportunity to purchase student football tickets this year.  I didn’t think I would get the chance since I was newly admitted to the university in mid-April…but the FOOTBALL gods saw SHINED upon thy self and, lo and behold, I have tickets.  (NOTE to new students…APPLY for your tickets EARLY!  I’m glad I did so I had the opportunity to order tickets.)

Now, at sporting events, I tend to be a casual observer.  I am not a FANATIC, but I do enjoy watching good teams playing good games, all the while engaging in some lighthearted and fun, on-the-field gamesmanship as well as exhibiting an appropriate amount of sportsmanship.  For me, it’s the entertainment factor.

But what I witnessed on Saturday was anything but “entertainment”.  I was seated in section 34A, messing around with my camera, and this guy behind me pipes up, “Hey, check out the OU (Ohio University) mascot…what is he doing?”  So I look and see the OU Bobcat pouncing on Brutus.  I guess I didn’t think anything of it…I thought it was purely for show. But after reading ESPN today, I thought wrong (click here).

I feel like Jim Rome right now…and I think I’m gonna ‘BURN’ for a moment, if you don’t mind.

Brandon Hanning.  Seriously.  C’mon man.  You are a 19-year old college kid who happens to the be the mascot for a Div. 1 intercollegiate football program who happened to be playing the #2 college football team in America. Instead of being like every other ‘normal’ 19-year old college male who occasionally skips class, participates in all-night keg stands and plays way too much PlayStation 3…you decided to turn into Generation Y’s version of the Unibomber and plan a kamikaze attack on Brutus the Buckeye Mascot.  It’s not like you were attending the game with a bunch of buddies from your 4th floor dormitory at OU and got double-dog dared to run out on to the field and tackle an interstate rival mascot.  Heck, the worst you would get for that is tasered, carried off in cuffs and be on SportCenter’s Not so Top 10.   Not you, Ted…whoops, I mean, Brandon…you decided methodically plan it for an entire year!  You say, “I think I planned it pretty well…and I definitely would do it again.”  Well, Brandon, I got a sober suggestion for you:  how about you ‘plan’ on showing up to this week’s game and try ‘that’ again?  I guarantee you will get swallowed up by 105k passionate Buckeye Fans, my friend.  Let me just say this:  Next time you “plan” on doing something as idiotic as “that” again, in the words of my friend Ice Cube: “Chickity Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself.”

3 thoughts on “Not in this House, Brandon Hanning”

  1. How has the reaction been from Buckeye nation been to this Hocking Tech student’s attack on Brutus? Doe Brandon Hanning expect to find a job in OH-IO if he graduates from school?

  2. As an OU alumni, I cant stand that this jerk is getting any airtime. He “planned” this in advance and that is what he came up with? he failed miserably at the tackle. He looks like a jerk. If I was brutus, i would look into an assault case. Brandon Hanning is a douchebag.

  3. @kent dark. I think a lot of people have adopted the attitude of “are you serious?”. More or less, the majority found it appalling, tacky and a totally tasteless thing to do. After seeing infamous “brutus beating” video 34095098238923987 times this past week on every major sports media outlet in America, I have decided to put an end to the ‘brandon hanning’ 15 minutes of fame. RIP Brandon.

    @OU alumni. I agree. A little time in jail would be appropriate. If you start a “Let’s Send Brandon Hanning to Jail’ facebook fan page, I’ll join. Make it happen!

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