Guangzhou, China

Since I will start working in October, I decided to take a trip to China before the start date. I would mainly stay in Guangzhou, my beloved hometown. And, here I am, now!

Guangzhou is the capital of the Guangdong Province, or otherwise known as Canton. Established more than 2000 years ago, Guangzhou was once the third largest city in the world, while the ancient maritime silk route began here. Guangzhou was so well known and important in international trade that the word “Canton” originally referred to the city of Guangzhou.

The world will get to know more about Guangzhou as Guangzhou hosts the 16th Asian Games in November. In my future couple blog entries, which can also be my last entries for Fisher Grad Life, I will write more about Guangzhou, and show you the city in my eye.

The following pictures will give you some first impression of the city.

The above picture shows the area I lived in, including my home, my elementary school, my middle and high school.  The picture was taken in one of the subway stations in Guangzhou.  Each station has its own picture of this kind to show indicate the area around the station.

Among the tall buildings, peaceful communities remain their traditional Lingnan style.