Happy 4th!

Technically it’s the 6th, but I’m slightly delayed. Happy belated 4th of July to everyone. My weekend was fantastic, I hope yours was as well. Benjamin and I bought a washer and dryer and grill  last week, so we had people over to christen the grill and so that people could see our new place. We had a lot of fun. His family was able to come over and go swimming a lot which is good since his dad flew back to Iraq yesterday. We had a lot of fun at fireworks, too. Good times had by all.

Last week was my first full 40 hour work week of the summer, and boy was I tired at the end of it. At GE, I thought I had my summer project figured out, but a mass amount of miss-communication later and so far the only thing I’ll be doing is looking at different HR database systems and figuring out if there’s a way to fix them and if not, looking at other plants and seeing what they do. If something will work for Bucyrus, finding out what it is and if it can be done as cost effectively as possible. It’s not exactly, or at all what I was hoping to be able to do over the summer. It’s slightly disappointing, but I’m hoping that if I do a good job with it, it’ll transform into more difficult projects. Don’t get me wrong, I love Access databases and all, but it’s not what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. It’s no fun to be staring at a computer all day with limited human interaction. Oh well. The people are a lot of fun to talk to. My other HR Co-Op, Rana, is really great to work with. She only has 4-ish weeks left at the plant before she heads back to school.

Work at OSU has been a little slow. Information is flowing slowly and it’s difficult to get stuff done. But, when I walked into work this morning, on my desk was a pen. To the average person, this is just a meaningless pen, but to me, this is the completion of my first project! For our recruiting events, Megan, my boss, gives out pens which have the contact information for the department on them. The week before the wedding, she asked me to put together an order for these pens, and I did, and they came in a week early! I know it’s small, but it’s exciting to see something accomplished since what I’m working on won’t be completed until mid August. So, for now, little victories in life. In a few weeks we’ll have our t-shirts in, which will be good as well.

So in the attempt to find a picture of the Bucyrus plant to show everyone, I stumbled upon this article. It’s pretty cool that I can say “that’s my employer”.

This weekend I’m traveling to Denver to go to the National Animal Sciences meeting. Out of left field, I know, but Benjamin is presenting at the conference and I’ll be able to see my aunt and uncle who were unable to come to the wedding, which will be really nice. Wish me luck. This will be my first ever solo flight, with no one I know on it. I’m pretty nervous. I’m sure it will be fine, but I just don’t like flying alone. At least I can attempt to fall asleep to make the time go faster.

Have a great week, everyone!