Working Professional MBA Council Survey

We will be passing out the following survey in class the next two days and we are very interested in hearing the opinions of the the Working Professional MBA students. If you are not in one of the core classes: MBA 800, MBA 820, MBA 860- please take a moment to copy this into an email and send it my way– I will make sure your voice is heard.


WPMBA Council Survey – Summer 2010

1.) Please list suggestions for future events that you would enjoy attending. If you have attended a previous event, what did you enjoy the most?

2.) What subject matter would you like to hear a speaker discuss next quarter?

3.) What days of the week are you available to attend events this FALL? (circle all that apply)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

4.) Are you interested in ordering dinner for the break between classes?   Circle One: Yes No

Circle the options would you prefer (Circle No More than TWO):       Jimmy Johns     Papa Johns        Subway        Raising Cane’s

Other: ________________________________

5.) Write any additional comments here: