My Apologies…

My apologies for taking a few weeks between blogs. I’ve had a few speed bumps including:

1. Hard drive crash: Have you ever heard of the blue screen of death for a PC? Well, apparently the question mark folder is the equivalent for the Mac. I’ve had my Macbook for over four years now and it has been great to me, but of course it is out of warranty now and the cost of fixing is not worth it. I have created a work-around using an external hard drive, but this makes the computer more of a desktop than a laptop, so it is still not the ideal situation.

2. Moving: I moved to The Quarry on June 8 and it has been a challenge to get things set up and make the place feel like home. Add to this the fact that my cable company managed to give me a modem with no power cord. This meant no Internet for over a week. Without a working laptop, it makes it a little difficult.

3. Classes: Well it’s more like class. This quarter, the professors decided to break the classes into two- five week terms. That means focusing in on one class as opposed to trying to study for two classes at once. I love the idea, but it makes for a TON of reading for one class. Sometimes it is nice to break up the studying for one class with a little studying for the other.

Anyway, I’m excited to be blogging again and I will try to make up for my lost time by blogging a few additional times in the upcoming weeks.  Enjoy!