Fisher Follies

Please watch this video before you read about Follies.

Fisher Sabotage

Follies is awesome and it’s very hilarious. It is one of those days when we get to bash our professors and make fun of things around Fisher. Don’t worry, we are allowed to do that.

This years attraction was Melissa and her gaga dance, Scott Armul’s hilarious acts. Mike Thomson and singing. There were a couple of exciting videos, you can see the link below. I will recommend you to watch them.

Fisher Diploma

The 24 Experience

The event took place at the new Ohio Union. There were snacks for everybody.

After the follies we went to a pub. There we talked with our classmates, danced with them and it was night worth remembering. That day, it was  also Prasant’s birthday. So we gave him a surprise party at Mad Mex. He  was utterly surprised as he never knew we were secretly planning his birthday.