Happy Graduation!

I can’t believe that I am done with this school year! It seems so fast time has passed. There were too many things to be commemorated in the spring quarter, but the one that is composed of happiness and reluctance to let go must be the Fisher commencement.

Fisher Graduation Ceremony Brochure
Fisher Graduation Ceremony Brochure

There are three Taiwanese students going to graduate in 2010—Miao-Chi, Kevin and Sherri. Oh, I will certainly miss them so much. I still remember the first time I met them—last year I had the on-campus interview, and they were so kind to have dinner with me. Because of their kind hospitality, I understood more about the MBA program, the housing and the campus life at Fisher. And you are right—that is part of the reasons why I choose Fisher :) After I joined the program, they never stop helping us. I asked them so many questions. Although I also have lots of American friends, sometimes they are able understand more about the difficulties that an international student is confronted with: the job searching problems, culture differences, driving…etc. Most importantly, it was such a cordial greeting meeting someone from the same home country in USA.

I also want to send my best regarding to my mentor—Michael Hrostoski! As a 1/2 Japanese and 1/2 Polish/German/Irish, he kindly got involved in the international connection program and mentored me through the academic year. He even pick me up in the airport and held a welcome party for my roommate and me :) It was a pity that because of our busy schedule, we only had one chance to have lunch together, but we’ll certainly keep in touch! I would like to congrats him for getting a full time offer from J & J, and wish him success in his future endeavor.

David, Mike, Tandy, Kangsub

I volunteered in the graduation ceremony and it was a wonderful experience. I haven’t realize how many Fisher 2nd year MBAs that I have not yet had chance to talk to until I was in the backstage helping graduates wearing hoods and tassels. Fortunately I met and chatted with them probably the last time. I also realized that I have to participate in more events at Fisher—or I will not have any honor codes in the ceremony! :p

I had dinner with Kevin and Mio-Chi in the evening. Kevin will be back to Taiwan tomorrow, and bon voyage for Kevin!

rear: Tandy, Kai / front: Kevin, Miao-Chi, Sharon
rear: Tandy, Kai / front: Kevin, Miao-Chi, Sharon

Heartfelt congratulations to all Fisher MBA 2010!