Fisher Formal

Fisher Formal is the prom-like event for the graduate students of Fisher College of Business. It was on Friday night in mid-May in downtown Columbus. Most of the second year and the first year graduate business students were present at the event. Part of the venue was outdoor and part of it was indoor. We kept meeting all our classmates. All were dressed to kill. It was such a unifying event. We kept talking for hours about all the exciting things that has happened to us through out the year. We also talked about the exciting new year that is going to come.

The excitement of the second year students was worth mentioning. They were euphoric. This was one of their last few days in B-school and they were so nostalgic about their stay at Fisher.

There were lots of drinks and a lot of music. There was a live band playing. At midnight, everyone started dancing. The space was crowded. Because everyone were our classmates, it felt very intimate. We kept dancing for a long time. The whole night was once-in-a-lifetime experience and it was a whole lot fun. Looking forward to next year’s Fisher Formals.