So Close, and Yet, So Far

As a side note, my fiance tells me I have “random song association disorder”. Basically, I randomly think of songs at the most random times that somehow seem to fit perfectly into whatever situation I’m in. When I was typing the title of this post, the song “So Far Away” by Carol King. So anyway, if you know the song, I think you might agree it somewhat fits.

So this week, for all intensive purposes, is finals week. Tonight is our staffing final, tomorrow is our compensation final, and our FastCat paper is also due tomorrow. Thursday we, thankfully, do not have a quiz in MHR 854 because our papers are due. And next week, during finals week, we only have a paper due on Tuesday and our MHR 854 final on Thursday. If I can make it through tomorrow night, I’ll be smooth sailing into the weekend. My part is done on all of my papers, minus 2 1/2 or so pages for our staffing paper, which is the one due next week. Shouldn’t be too bad. I’m glad the majority of finals and papers are this week because I’m moving on Sunday! The scary part isn’t the moving part, it’s the fact that this is the new place with my fiance – which means the wedding is right around the corner! At this time, in 18 days, I will be all dressed up, getting ready to be married. Such a weird thought and feeling.

On Monday, June 7, I start my internship with General Electric. I’m really excited. It seems like it will be a great fit. when they phone interviewed me, they asked me why I decided to be in HR. It’s taken a while to really figure out what I want to do, but I told them that I’m really interested in training and development and a little bit of recruiting and staffing. I really want to be able to help an organization find individuals who are a good fit for the company and also making sure that the company is a good fit for the individual. And, along the way, I want to develop training programs to continue to build the skill sets of employees. After my explanation of what I wanted to do, Dan, the HR manager told me that what I described is exactly what the intern would be doing. That really excited me – to find an internship which would allow me to do what I think I want to do for a career and help me decide if it truly is my career path. And another perk is that I told them I would only be able to work 25 hours or so with my Graduate Assistantship, and they were fine with it. It just seems like the perfect job. I’ll be sure to update everyone on my first day and how things go throughout the summer.

For now, it’s time to work and attempt to get some studying done along the way. I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and that you spent it remembering those who gave their lives to make sure that we have the freedoms we do. Also, read this post by my classmate Mandy Molter. It’s good to show support to our troops, and also those who are civilians who are working overseas to help other countries build their resources so that they can be self-sustaining.

3 thoughts on “So Close, and Yet, So Far”

  1. Thanks for all the details.Wish you all the very best for your internship with General Electric.You are really lucky to get your “perfect job”.I would definitely love to hear from you about your first day experience.First day at first job is always memorable.Thanks for the link.Will check it out in my free time.

  2. Hi Amanda,
    I have been reading your blog for a while. I just want to say the best of luck with your finals. I also want to tell you to enjoy your internship.

    Let me tell you that I know how it is about choosing a career too! It’s such a toughie… Now I’m older I’ve realized that there are so many things that I could have done, but I didn’t realize at the time what I could do, and held myself back. Just want to put that on here for others who might read your post, so that they don’t make the same mistake and end up limiting themselves.

  3. Urmi and Amelia,

    Thanks so much for reading my blog! It’s really awesome to see how far my words go. I’ll keep both of you updated about my internship. It’s definitely very exciting to find a job I’m actually interested in the work I’ll be doing. Best of luck to both of you!


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