Feels Like an End

It looks like I have a lot to catch up for my blog but time has been pushing me off close to the edge. This past week was the second to last week of class, but felt like the last week. Last Monday was the first Monday that we don’t have an IFRS presentation since the midterm exam. On Wednesday, my finance investment class did one last trading simulation competition. It is not hard to imagine a scene where everyone held their breath on intensive trading. However, everyone enjoyed the class experience so much during the quarter. Before leaving, every student walked up to the professor to thank her. A touching feeling overcame me watching this and made me wish I could take this class one more time.

I gave my supposed-to-be last presentation on Wednesday afternoon for the accounting policy and research class, assuming I will not be chosen to present in the IFRS class next week. I really wish to present next week in IFRS, though, as I might not get to do any presentations in similar settings.

Yesterday my melancholy feeling of “the end” was lessened a bit as I waited more than an hour in line to get discount tickets for Cedar Point and the Columbus Zoo. Great thanks goes to fellow MAcc student Nadia; otherwise I would miss all these benefits as an Ohio State student. Next step is to plan a group trip to Cedar Point!