Prof. Jay Dial receives Ohio State 2010 Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching

I can be proud of the fact that I was part of one of the most exciting moments in Fisher College of Business’s history.

It was usual Tuesday and I was sitting in my strategy formulation and implementation class, which was being taken by Prof Dial. We were doing the Zara case. We were trying to understand the intricacies of the global clothing giant Zara when suddenly, just after an hour of class, the classroom opened and President of OSU, Gordon Gee and team walked in. Wow! What is going on? There were a video cameraman and university photographer. There was Prof. Dial’s whole family – Aparna Dial and son. There were Prof. Karen Wruck, Prof. Jay Barney, Provost Joe Alutto, Alumni Association President Archie Griffin and Fisher Dean Christine Poon.

We were all excited. President Griffin presented Dial with the “Academy of Teaching” medal.  It was a big surprise for Prof. Dial. It was a really inspiring moment for us. The students who nominated him were also present. Everyone spoke in the heat of the moment. “He is truly one of our most distinguished faculty and teachers,” said Gee, who read from one student’s nomination essay: “ ‘He works our butts off and I learn a tremendous amount from him. He’s the best.’” Prof. Dial got so thrilled that he let us go that day. But he said that he is going to give us bonus learning later.

Prof. Dial is an amazing professor. His classes are very engaging and every case that he teaches has a twist at the end which most of the time reveals itself as we discuss the case. It’s an experience worth going through. He taught us the Porter’s Five  Forces, Barney’s VRIO Model, Ghemawat’s Willingness to pay model, Game Theory in Strategy, Judo strategy and so many effective models in strategy in the simplest story- like fashion. After every class, he voluntarily spends a lot of time talking with us about general things. His ideas are refined and inspiring.

He teaches a class called Intopia in winter which is a lot of work, but is very popular among students. I am looking forward to that class.

Prof. Dial – Congrats and Thanks for everything!