Community clean-up day at Weinland Park

This weekend, my friend Omar helped to organize a community clean-up day around the Weinland Park area and the Godman Guild. Because I like doing community service and because Omar told me to, I gladly participated in the event.

The day included activities such as litter clean-up on the streets surrounding the park and gardening around the Godman Guild house. Ironically, Omar assigned me to the liquor-store clean-up team. A fitting punishment for all of the alcohol-related havoc I’ve helped cause in my day.  =)

Gardening at the Godman Guild

I had no idea that people actually still litter. A lot. It was a rewarding day though, and I felt like I helped to improve the community, even if it was a small improvement.

Omar and friends

So, next time you go to the liquor store, or anywhere for that matter, please throw your trash in the trash can. Because someone’s going to have to pick it up eventually! (If we’re lucky!)

And thanks to Omar for allowing me this great opportunity and for caring about the community enough to actually do something to help make it better.  =)