Time management

Time elapses quickly without saying goodbye to everyone!

Many things gather together this quarter, making me tired out. I have a respectful but strict professor, Dr. Mangum, whose seminar is really demanding yet helpful. I have a time consuming project — create  compensation plan for FastCat Company. I have to write a long paper for my English class. I have to take every effort to find an excellent summer HR internship. Also, I have to cook meals and take care of my body.

In the first half of the quarter, many things went wrong. Now I found the reasons and began to develop time management skills.

Now, I cook twice every week, instead of cooking everyday. This change saves me roughly 4hours a week.

Now, I spend a whole day in school, rather than go to school twice or three times a day. So I don’t need to spend much time in transportation and finding a parking space.  This change saves me roughly 2 hours a week.

Now, I try to say no to somebody and some events that are not related to my objectives —- i) find an internship and ii) perform well academically.  However, I will spend some time help my friends. This decision saves me lots of time, varying from 1 hour to 5 hours every week.

Now, I reduce my time in front of computer, which negatively influence my eyes and waste tons of my time. I can now have much healthier eyes and free time.

Currently, I try to be patient, peaceful and calm. I try to keep myself positive and energetic and keep myself free from complaining. Then I work more efficiently.

Though life in Fisher is fast-paced and demanding, I learn something about time management and work efficiency improvement. I am excited to see my change in Fisher Family.