Unusual Occurrences

Well, last night I was sitting in MHR 856 – Staffing, as I do every Tuesday night, and all of a sudden the fire alarm started going off. Now, for those of you who remember back to elementary school, fire alarms usually happened in the dead of winter when it was -25 degrees and you had to stand outside for 30 minutes or so while they “made sure the fire was out.” And for those of you who went to Ohio State (I’m sure it happened at other schools, I just only know about OSU) when you live in the dorms, within the first week of classes had a random fire drill in the dorms. These fire alarms were normally around 10:00 at night, or very early in the morning. Also, since it was a “fire” you weren’t able to take the elevator, so trotting down 20 flights of stairs and then back up again once the “fire was out” made for a seemingly disruptive hour or so. But this fire alarm was not the usual annoyance that most are – no, it allowed me to get out of class an hour early and go home and enjoy a nice dinner with my fiance. I’m sure Dr. Klein disagrees with me on the fact that it was a glorious event, but oh well. It gave me a chance to catch up on some much needed sleep.

So, for everyone’s enjoyment, I have included a picture from last night. Of course I wish no ill harm on any part of Fisher, especially our beloved Gerlach Hall, but it was a fun and memorable event – as fun as that sort of thing can get, I guess.

All of the commotion outside Gerlach.

I’m sure tonight’s class will be much less eventful, but it’s ok. Happy Wednesday everyone!