Open Door Art Studio – a good cause and great gifts

Today I was in search of gifts for two of my best friends who are having birthdays this weekend. Another friend told me that Open Door Art Studio had great gift ideas, so I went there today.

It’s located in Grandview in the little alleyway to the right of Cowtown Pizza and behind Figlio, and it’s not the normal art studio that you (actually, I) breeze by during Gallery Hop on the way to the bar. Open Door is actually a program that provides art services to adults with developmental disabilities. Volunteers and instructors facilitate art projects with the adults, and the gallery sells the art created by the adults along with other art by local artists. When I was there, art projects were in progress and they were kind enough to let me take pictures!

I love supporting a great cause about equally as much as I love finding a place where I can get unique, affordable, thoughtful gifts for friends and family, and here I got both! I only wish I hadn’t already gotten my mom a Mother’s Day gift, because the stuff here was much better.

But if you’re still in search of a gift for mom or anyone else who likes cute and fun jewelry, art, notebooks, purses, clothing, magnets, gardening stuff, etc., check it out! I had to be good and not buy myself a really cute ice cream cone necklace.

Here are the things I bought for my friends. I haven’t given them their gifts yet, but it’s ok because they won’t read this anyway.  =) In case you want to learn more, they also have a website :

One thought on “Open Door Art Studio – a good cause and great gifts”

  1. this is a great project, I made a visit there last year and the and joy they are creating in this little studio space with and for people with learning disabilities was inspiring.As the father of a son that is mentally challenged I am very aware how important these types of projects are so important to their self esteem and happiness, I have visited many around the country and our company is happy to be associated with open door.Best Regards and thanks for the article: Jack

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