I Saw Elephants Rolling Down the Road!

No Joke! Ok, well maybe they weren’t real elephants, but they were elephants to me! So when you move into the dorm, there are these people, OWLs, who help you move in. OWLs are Ohio state Welcome Leaders. And, to get all of your stuff up to your new room, there are these large wooden boxes on wheels with doors called elephants. My freshman and sophomore years, I was an OWL (you get to move in early for free, don’t judge) and became very well acquainted with said elephants. The looming question I’ve had for years is where do they keep the elephants! Seriously — there are 40 some dorms, and each one had close to 50 elephants, and these things are huge! Where do they keep them? I should really ask my Aunt Christy. She’s the assistant director of housing, but that would be too easy. Anyway, this morning, I was driving to work and I saw an OSU box truck with elephants in the back of it. If not for the fact that it was turning the opposite way of my work and I was already late, I would have followed it to see where they’re stored. Oh well, another time.

I suppose that has nothing to do with OSU or Fisher, so I’ll get back to business. Today is our econ final. Be impressed. I went from being majorly confused to understanding most of it! I still have some more studying to do, but it’s just from last week’s class and it’s math formulas which come pretty easily to me. Hopefully it stays that way for tonight’s exam. The worst part of it all has been figuring out when to move along a curve and when to shift a curve. But I’m fairly convinced I have it figured out – movement along a curve is due to a change in price which affects the quantity supplied or demanded; a shift of the curve comes from a change in the demand or supply, more suppliers entering the market, etc. Hopefully that’s all right. Thank goodness for online resources – not that the book is written poorly, but because it’s a custom textbook and a collaboration of 3, you there’s no index in the back and not all of the chapter have key terms, so you never really know where to look to find something.

I finally scheduled for classes. Word to the wise – make sure you have no holds on your account BEFORE you try to schedule. I went to schedule the other night and to my surprise, I had a hold on my account due to someone’s error other than mine. After 3 hours of waiting to talk to someone, the hold was lifted! I’m excited about the fall. I’m taking 2 electives in addition to the 2 required courses: MHR 870 – The Business of College Sports with Mr. Gene Smith himself, and MHR 869 – Strategic Management of Human Assets. I might drop one of the two, but for now, I’m going to try and stick with it. Both look to be very interesting, and 869 has no exams, just papers and a presentation, which I’m good at.

At Summit Vision, I was talking about my blog to some of my classmates, and they mentioned that I should be the Perez Hilton of the MLHR program. As much as I love gossip and knowing what’s going on, I think I’ll steer clear of that one. But a shout out to Jim for the idea. I’m finding that lately my blogs have become very lengthy. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad for the readership, but I’ll end this one here. Have a great Thursday! It’s almost the weekend!