Sorry for the Delay – HK, KY, and Life

Welcome back. It’s been a little while since my last post, and for that, I apologize. Life is pretty hectic around here and being gone for a week in Hong Kong didn’t really help that.

So what’s happened since last time – a lot – and I think the important parts of the story follow thoughts I had while cruising down I-64 in Woodford County, Kentucky. My trip through Woodford County was due to the fulfillment of a promise made about 14 months ago, before my MBA journey really began.

From April 3rd – April 5th, 2009, I spent my weekend in Columbus, OH meeting a group of students who had been offered admission to Fisher’s MBA program. Amazingly, nearly all of the people who were there that weekend ended up matriculating. One of my most vivid memories from this weekend was a discussion – and a promise – with Jeff Lakarosky, a fellow structural engineer whose family lives in Versailles, KY near Lexington.

A while back, I had decided to add what I call the “Three Great American Races” to my “bucket list” – The Indianapolis 500, the Daytona 500, and the Kentucky Derby. I made it to the Indianapolis 500 in May 2009 with my cousin Greg and had a blast – looking forward to making a return trip soon. I don’t see Daytona in my near future – but thanks to Jeff – the Kentucky Derby was easily within reach. And this past weekend, I fulfilled my promise to join Jeff at the Derby – and it got checked off my list.

The Kentucky Derby was a blast. Jeff, his family, and his friends were all amazing and very hospitable. Hopefully I can make it back down next year for another.

During that drive along I-64 through the rolling hills of Kentucky, I had one of those reflective moments. Just two weeks earlier I had been 9000 miles away visiting Hong Kong. Two weeks prior to that, I had been 9000 miles away visiting Viet Nam. I know a little German and even less Vietnamese – but that’s a lot more than before. I’ll be heading to Orlando in about 3 weeks to meet with alumni and potential clients. I’ve meet several hundred new people, many of which I now know on a first name basis. I finally bought an iPod and a BlackBerry. I’ve rediscovered what being busy is, and just how little sleep I can survive on. At that moment, I was watching as white fences and rolling hills flew by. And I love every minute of it – even when it’s 1:30AM and my paper due the next day isn’t finished.

So, a few more things before I go:

  1. While in Vietnam, I used a Flip Camera to record video for a short YouTube video about our trip. Something like an hour of recording turned into a 2 minute and 18 second video :  Vietnam 2010 – Emerging Market Field Study (EMFS)
  2. While in Hong Kong, I took about 500 pictures. It’s an amazing place and I look forward to checking it out for two months this summer. Here are some selected photos (Please note: there are 7-Elevens ALL over Hong Kong – I wasn’t out looking for them):

Thanks for tuning in.