Wedding in Chicago, Take 1

I’m almost done with week number 5 of Spring quarter but first I must take my Marketing midterm on Thursday night. It is an open book/open note exam and I have kept up on the readings so I am hoping that it won’t be too difficult. Then on Friday, after work, it’s off to Chicago for another wedding.

Last week’s wedding was fun. The rehearsal dinner was at Gibson’s where I had a baseball sized filet mignon and the reception was at the Chicago History Museum. The wedding band was also really great – they played a lot of great 80’s hits.

I am starting to get worn down by work and school so I am really looking forward for this quarter to end. Taking 3 classes and being in class until 10 pm each night leads to a lot fewer hours of sleep. Hopefully I will play some catch up this weekend.

Lastly, I got engaged last Sunday morning while I was in Chicago so now I’ve got another thing to get stressed out about.