One Last Quarter

It’s hard to believe that the spring quarter is already a month old.  We have already had the first midterm in IFRS and the quarter seems to be flying by.  Luckily, I’m taking a relatively light course load this quarter with most of my focus on studying for the CPA exam.

My courses include: IFRS, Tax Research, Cases in Tax, and Tax III.  Overall, I have been very happy with the first month of classes.  IFRS can be quite boring at times (like 99% of accounting), but learning IFRS is certainly very valuable and Professor Turner does a great job outlining the standards.  My other three classes are all with Professor Raabe.  I’m taking only two credits of both Tax III and Cases in Tax to better fit my schedule.   Similar to IFRS, I feel that Tax Research is a very valuable course that will directly benefit me in the tax profession.

Outside of studying for more of the CPA over the past couple of weeks (I took both REG & BEC this past week), I also completed the MAcc Exit Exam.  It consisted of both a paper and a survey in which we could write any thoughts about the program or how to improve it.  I was glad to see that the faculty at OSU are dedicated to improving the MAcc program and seek our input to improve it.

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