A Familiar Feeling

In my last semester in undergrad, I thought it was going to be my most relaxing term in school. It turned out to be the busiest one. Being warned by that experience, I did not expect the spring quarter to be relaxing, but still hoped it to be a relatively slow one. However, the first two weeks have already proved me wrong. As graduation approaches, things began to stack up. Right now I can barely recall how many weeks we are into the spring quarter and how many weeks are left before we graduate. The only thing I do with time management is to follow my schedules and checklists everyday to make sure I don’t miss any significant items.

Last weekend I flew to the east coast to look for an apartment for next year. I got back in town on Sunday night and took a mid-term exam at 8:30am the next day. Some old friends came visit me this past weekend so I spent a blissful day walking on the beautiful campus in spring and showing my friends some Buckeye pride. With the deadline crossing my mind, I finally completed the exit exam yesterday. The next big thing on my to-do list is to plan the trip for family and friends for my graduation/commencement.

Of course, the midterms and term papers that are knocking on my door are included in my schedule. However, no matter how packed my schedule looks, whenever there is something that I can do with my friends I try my best to squeeze in time for it. Softball practice? Yes. Softball games? Can’t miss! Parties to celebrate? Definitely. I am so glad that we have all these exciting things to do together before we go our separate ways. And I hope we can have more group events before graduation comes. We may all live in different cities leading our careers toward various directions after we become Fisher alumni, but those exciting plays, goofy acts, swelling ankles, mischievous winks, and funny conversations, will be special links among us and by no means we will be denied “once a group of crazy kids (but also good kids) in grad school”.