Running of the Bulls

Well yesterday was quite eventful on campus. Two Bulls got loose from the vet hospital. And yes, I emphasize the word bull because they were in fact bulls, NOT cows. Quick agriculture lesson for those who may not have grown up on a farm. Bulls are in-tact male cattle and cows are female cattle who have calved. Heifers are females who have not calved, and steers are males who are no longer in-tact. Anyway, it created quite the stir across campus, and after one bull jumped on a police car, both were contained and taken back to the vet hospital. And if you’re curious, these are Belted Galloways.

Bulls by the tennis courts
Bull in the parking lot

In other parts of life, the compensation project is starting to make more sense. I don’t know if people have realized this or not, but our final and project are due May 26th, the 9th week of classes. Of course this means we have 2 weeks less to get everything done than we normally due for his class, but that also means we have 2 weeks where we don’t have to think about the project or the final and can concentrate on our other two classes and their projects.

With next week being the start of midterms, this weekend looks like it’s going to be quite busy. Engagement pictures are *finally* being taken on Friday. Then it’s off to camp to teach counselors how to teach mountain biking sessions at their summer camps. Somewhere in all of the craziness finding time to study would be in my best interests.

I’m for sure looking forward to next week, though. Not because of the midterms. Don’t get me wrong, they’re awesome and all (sarcasm), but next Friday, the MLHR students are taking on Summit Vision. If you’re an MLHR student and you haven’t signed up yet, then you should! I’m delaying my trip to the Vera Bradley sale in Indiana for this! It should be really awesome. More details and pictures will come after next Friday. Dr. Inks and some of the other faculty have said they were going, and Dr. Inks said he was going on the zip-line, so we’ll be sure to bring back pictures from that!

Have a great Thursday, tomorrow’s the start of the weekend! And remember to watch out for the stray livestock running around campus.