Overdue Post

Well, sorry for the delayed/overdue post. It’s been a really busy week. Nevertheless, here I am, writing a blog about my life.

Last week was the start of everything getting really busy. We have three group projects this quarter, and from what the second years were saying, our Compensation project is the hardest of everything. Awesome! (sarcastic) It’s just going to be really busy. I think this quarter is the one where I’m going to learn the most applicable skills. And, all three of my groups seem very cohesive and like we know what we’re doing and are going to work really well together.

Oh, I almost completely forgot! Thanks to all of my readers for making my author page #8 in the top content for last month! That’s pretty cool! And to think, the first time the reports came out I was on something like page 8.

Last week Jaimie and I went to the Columbus Clippers Dime-a-Dog Night. It was pretty awesome. We went with my sister and good friend Liz and happened to run into some of our other classmates Elle, Jim and James. I think with the spring weather emerging, everyone is starting to get comfortable with the business school environment and each other. It was definitely great to have a break before all of the craziness begins. Some pictures for your enjoyment. It was a great time! I recommend it to everyone!

Look at those awesome hot dogs!
L to R: My sister Jenn, Me!!, Jaimie and Liz

Over the weekend, I went up to MSU to hang out with the boy. It was a good time. He’s in a draft horse class this semester and has learned how to hitch up and drive horses in all sorts of settings; dragging logs, Budweiser duties, wagons, etc. So Saturday was their plow day. They had about 10 teams of horses get together and plow a 2 acre field the old fashion way. It was really, really cool. The students who were in the class actually got to drive the horses, too. That was also really neat because it further educated the students on the things they were taught in class.  Pictures are below. Also very cool.

Check that out - 5 horses! And, it can plow 2 rows at once!
There he goes! Benjamin's first experience plowing with horses.
That’s a big horse!!

4 thoughts on “Overdue Post”

  1. Great pictures send by you. Those were amazing. The horses were really big. Can you give me the name of the horses’ species?? Good luck for your future works.

  2. Hi John – There were all sorts of breeds there. There were 2 mules and the rest were Percherons and Belgians. They are VERY large horses. Thanks for the note!

  3. Thanks for your response Amanda. Visit many interesting places around the world and you’ll get to see many strange things!!!

  4. Ahh..Great pictures really .It must have really fun driving the horses around the form.I wish i could get a chance to visit our country side and be close to nature.

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