Kid’s story: One For All and…?

Timeline: Saturday evening

I see: perfectly clear skies

I hear:  Beyoncé

I smell: chicken and curry (yum…)

I feel: a LOT of pain.

Let me summarize my spring quarter: I’m taking six classes (yes, SIX classes) and I have a different group for each one of them. This has been most challenging, especially given that it’s a radical change from the model that we had followed for the first two quarters, in which we worked primarily with our core team.

I haven’t spoken to many people, but the general strategy seems to be “divide and conquer”, or splitting up the groups into mini-groups. This seems to be the only viable option, as the groups face two main challenges: first, for the most part, they are large groups (e.g. nine people each in professor Kistruck’s class) and scheduling is nigh impossible more than once or twice a quarter; and second, most of us haven’t worked together before, nor was there a structured team selection process (for which I call them groups instead of teams).

Then there’s the fact that there is no consistency amongst teachers and courses either. For instance, a couple of them use Carmen to post updates and communications, others have used it once or twice, and still others don’t even activate the course therein. Also, some teachers rely solely on course packets, others focus on articles and updates, others send links to specific material every so often, and so on. There are many more differences, but the bottom line is that it’s very hard to create a studying and working routine that will work well throughout.

Now, don’t get me wrong, people: this may be whining but it is not criticism. Whichever way you take it, that’s what real life is all about, since you rarely choose the people you work with (bosses and peers alike) and you cannot please everyone. A person with an advanced degree such as an MBA will tend to occupy positions of greater responsibility and his/her decisions will tend to have a greater effect on the lives of more people. In this sense, the MBA program is doing a good job (at least in my particular case) of exposing us to less-enjoyable situations so we are better prepared to make those decisions.

My way of releasing my stress this quarter has been soccer practice and running. It’s a very effective therapy, but I think I’m overdoing it a little since I have three purple toes, a swollen shin, and my buttocks are numb, not to mention the fact I can barely walk because of the pain. I’m starting to think those eight hours a week in the gym/field are hindering my progress in other things. Oh, well…

The most important lesson is that I really miss having a secretary/assistant. I keep mixing up my groups, my subjects, and their deadlines. Add the internship search and the interviews into the mix and you’ll have a very “interesting” cocktail of a life.

Speaking of which: I’m thirsty. Cheers!

“We’ve come too far to leeeave it all behind…”  – Chicago