I miss Seattle

Although it is only the end of week 2 of this quarter, I feel like a whole month already passed because of the heavy school work and painstaking internship search…At the same time, recalling the spring break I spent in Seattle gives me energy from the happy memories.

My uncles live in Seattle and they always welcome me to visit them. I decided in a hurry to go there because the participants were indeterminable. Finally, Sharon decided to go to Washington DC to enjoy the cherry blossoms; Kai and I went to Seattle. As my cousin told me, the weather was going to be very nice and sunny so I decided to go at a perfect time!

Taken on the top floor of Space Needle

My uncles, aunts and cousins held a feast for us the first day we arrived. Because I rarely had time to eat (and cook) good food during school, my uncles took us to nice restaurants everyday during our vacation, thus we gained some pounds : ) We visited a lot of places: perhaps most famous, Space Needle and Pike Place Market, Snoqualmie Fall, Experience Music and of course, University of Washington! I also took a picture at the front door of Foster School of Business.

Foster School of Business at UW

If you plan to visit Seattle in the future, I highly suggest you buy the city pass. It is a carefully selected collection of Seattle’s most popular attractions, and its price is 47% less than the cost of tickets purchased separately. Though we only visited five places and left Woodland Park Zoo, it was still worth 59 dollars.

I guess I not only miss Seattle but also the relaxed spring break……

It’s time to go back to the “reading hell”. I’ll show you more interesting spots I visited in Seattle in my future blog 😀

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