After a Spring Break, a New Quarter

I am not used to this. My undergrad school usually has spring breaks in early April. Like for many students from semester-system schools, spring break means “in the middle of a semester”, not “in between two individual quarters”. After the final exams for the winter quarter, my body was expecting an at least one month break, even though I knew there was only fat chance. Now this bio-system of mine is hating the feeling of that like being woke up at 3am in deep of sleep.

But this effect is minor. However, one week into the quarter, the fact has become apparent that this is not a laid-back quarter at all. I am taking four courses, all of which require intensive reading and analyzing. Only at the beginning of the second week, I can already be seen running back and forth among rooms in Gerlach Hall, holding in my arms a laptop and stacks of paper. IFRS, Merger and Acquisition, Investment and Market, and an accounting research class, all the topics that are currently attracting the world’s close attention. Mastering the knowledge and skills will definitely make me more competitive in the field. Although I lack a strong background in some of the topics, I have committed myself to get all these down. I know this is not going to be easy, but this might be my last quarter at Fisher, or even last to study in school … it’s worth the fight!

Prof. Werner’s toy animals she puts up in every Investment and Market class. Which one do you think you are in the market?   =)

2 thoughts on “After a Spring Break, a New Quarter”

  1. I like the pig too because it’s not drawing attention or attacks in the market, but is smart enough to handle issues.

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