Who really needs a break?

Well, it is officially spring break. It doesn’t really feel like it, though. I’m at work right now, I’m going to work tomorrow, and the only difference between this week and any other is that I’m spending an extra day and a half in Michigan – not that it’s a bad thing.

I have had a very productive break so far, though. Friday, my mom and I did a lot of wedding planning, and we’re looking at chair covers tomorrow. I also made my flower girl basket, and put ribbon on all of the invitations. Whew. I’m glad my family friends were able to help with that one. With 6 people, it took 2 hours to put ribbon on the invitations. But they look fantastic. Only another week or so until I send them out! Most of what was on my checklist is finished, less a few things. Those should be easily accomplished in the next few days.

In other news, my NCAA bracket is totally and completely screwed up. I’m all for the underdogs winning, but one of these years, I’d like to have a semi-successful bracket. I’m excited that OSU and MSU are still in the hunt for the championship, but only one can make it to the final four :(. If both win their next games, they’ll play each other. And, while MSU is one of my favorite teams, they are my second favorite team. GO BUCKS! At least this year’s games have been interesting and worth the time I’ve wasted watching them. It’s also a good thing that they’re happening during spring break, otherwise I would be completely unproductive during class. And that reason alone is reason enough for OSU not to switch to semesters – otherwise March Madness won’t fall at the end of finals/spring break/the first week of class. This article is interesting. It talks about how unproductive employees are due to March Madness. Of course it’s not completely scientific, but still worth considering.

Have a great Monday!