Kid’s story: News recap

Timeline: Saturday night

I see: Spike HD

I hear: the 5-dollar foot-long jingle

I smell: beer… OMG, what?… Yup, I like a beer every now and then… OMG, really??… Um, yes… OMG!

I feel: at ease.

Top story tonight is that we, the MBAllers soccer team, won the intramural championship! Who said we couldn’t handle undergrads at sports? Well, actually, we all did, but we won regardless. Next step is the spring championship, which will be played outdoors (hell yeah!).

Also making headlines is the fact that last week (or so) there were news of a shooting on campus. Two people died, which is a tragedy, but it was a contained incident, and the campus police responded VERY quickly. I mean, 121 seconds between the moment the 911 call was received and the moment when the first officer arrived on the scene? That’s pretty good… I take longer than that just brushing my teeth.

Despite the fact that it was nothing very serious, I received close to two dozen calls and many more messages asking whether I was OK. Unfortunately, whenever news of a shooting on a university campus are heard back home, we relate it to the more tragic incidents that have taken place in US in the past. I hope there are no further incidents, but I must say that I feel very safe thanks to the great response from the authorities.

Let’s go for a short opinion column. My dear teammate Stacey wrote this post on how the MBA program seems to have greater importance when compared to other graduate programs. My two cents: don’t be so surprised. I was told from the very beginning that many students from other programs look up to MBA students; no harm there. In fact, I met a student from Chemical Engineering the other day and thought “hm, she sounds smart”, so different opinions of students from different programs are not harmful in themselves.

There would be a problem if someone were to be told that he or she is not as important as other students because, say, he or she pays less tuition or something like that. Fortunately, I haven’t seen that happen, but I’m pretty sure there are some few crazy people out there who may have thought about it. If I ever do see it, don’t expect me to just sit by and watch, but rather to speak up; I encourage anyone in that situation to speak up as well.

That is, if it ever happened. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.

On to sports: the Formula 1 season begins this weekend! I have my bets on Vettel and Massa (mostly), and sure enough they qualified first and second for tomorrow’s race. I’ve heard quite a few “I couldn’t care less” from people when I talk about Formula 1, but unfortunately for them, I’m a big fan, so the topic will certainly keep coming up in these posts. Just to quote them: I couldn’t care less [grin].

Now the gossip snippets: the star goalie from our soccer team dented the front license plate on my baby. And also, I’m thinking of offering a reward for pointing out the snitch who suggested someone had cheated on the marketing midterm, only to find out he or she just heard a conversation on the risks of cheating in an exam and made a big deal out of it. The word “dork” comes to mind, for some reason… To doubt out integrity after all we’ve studied on ethics is just… Oh, well, whatever.

Finally, the weather: oh, yes, it’s getting WARMER!!! Hopefully, it will be nice for our upcoming finals week.

“This time, you should take me away… to a new place… where we just might keep the night on the sky” – DJ Antoine

This time
You should take me away
To a new place

Where we just might
Keep the night on the sky