Studying for Finals

On Wednesday, I had to turn in a project for Global Sourcing. It counted as a final (25% of my total grade) so it was nice to get it finished, turn it in and be done with one of my classes for the quarter. I really enjoyed the class and I definitely learned a lot so if you have an opportunity to take the class, you should.

Today (Saturday), I spent a lot of time studying for my Operations Management final on Tuesday. I got to the Science & Engineering library around 9:30 am and there were already 10-15 people there (on the second floor), but when I left, the entire floor was full and every table was taken. I left around 1pm so I could go home and watch the Ohio State – Illinois basketball game and as soon as I got up to put on my jacket, someone came over to get my table. Yes, it is finals week.

Fortunately, the Buckeyes won, in nerve-wracking fasion, and will play Minnesota, who destroyed Purdue, in the Big Ten Tournament Championship on Sunday at 3:30pm. Go Bucks and happy studying!

Below is a picture of Imperial China from Tuesday’s show at the Treehouse.

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