Recovered from a “Anti-Virus” Virus

Do you have antivirus software installed on your computer? Have you updated it recently? If your answers are “No”, you should do both. But be very careful, not all antivirus programs go ANTI virus. They can bring virus instead, or they are virus themselves.

I was working on my computer during the weekend and a message bubble titled “Windows Security Alert” just popped out, saying my computer is at risk and needs updated antivirus software. A well-designed window appeared and shown that it was “scanning” my computer for infected files. The scanning process was completed, a dozen of “infected files” found. The program asked whether I would like to remove the files. If click “yes”, the program would say “this basic trial only provide quick scanning, you need to purchase the complete version to remove the infected files” and guide you to a website to purchase the program. The website even displayed three different package programs that you can buy—Antivirus Soft Basic, Pro, and Platinum. But, please, never purchase anything from them and don’t give out any credit card information, because this is actually a virus trying to steal your credit card!

If you choose “No” right upon the scanning process, and “stay unprotected”, the program would show its “evil face”. The bottom right corner would keep popping up warnings saying there’s an internet virus trying to attack your computer. And you would not be able to open any applications or programs on your computer as this “Antivirus Soft” would tell you the file is infected and cannot be opened. Restarting the computer won’t help!
Fortunately with some friend’s help, I was able to get rid of the virus following the instructions on the link below:

So if by any chance you encounter this virus, make sure you don’t give any card info. Then follow the tips to get your computer recovered. One additional tip I can add is that, you can restart the computer and change the date and time before the virus message pops up. This might allow you to use the internet and save some time on downloading the REAL antivirus programs to fight against “Antivirus Soft”.

2 thoughts on “Recovered from a “Anti-Virus” Virus”

  1. Manru – glad to see you were able to get rid of the virus! Here’s a *free* anti-malware program that I really like –> MalwareBytes ( It’s free. Even the updates are free. The only difference between the paid and free versions is that you have to manually apply the updates with the free version whereas the updates are automatically installed for you if you pay the one-time license fee.

  2. Thanks Rob. I think this is what I used to get rid of the virus. This virus is pretty new, even the most updated AVG (that I am using) can’t recognized it.

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