Don’t Search, Find it! [part 2]

Finally I have time to continue the story of case competition, which indeed happened two weeks ago!

After 5 hours reading and searching, we decided to recommend Microsoft to initiate a brand new search engine,

First, we found that currently customers often associate “search” to “Google”. We say “Let’s Google it!” rather than “Let’s MSN it!” As a result, we are going to reposition Microsoft search engine’s brand to let customers “find it” but not “Google it”. is a revolutionary search engine that will target at customers who seek for far better search experiences. provides customers with simple and colorful design, comprehensive services and continuously improved algorithm. To encourage customers to use, we offer Microsoft dollars which are the reward points for every time an MSN-registered user. The points can be used on Microsoft network sites, or donated to a favorite charity – such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

On Saturday, we presented our idea to four judges who are professionals from various industries. We demonstrated to the judges how we are going to grab the market share by increasing users’ awareness of and develop the system globally. Although at last we didn’t win the competition, it was a great opportunity to hone our presentation skills and be much comfortable to speak up in a stressful environment. We were not sure whether the judges like our idea, but we truly had fun!

By the way, we didn’t have the room winner’s advantage to give the 2 minutes demo to all participants, but we truly want to show our one page executive summary. It’s designed by Erik and it’s nice : D