Registering for the CPA Exam

A good portion of this past week has been spent registering to take the CPA exam in Ohio.  The application itself consists of 6 separate pages that can all be completed online.  They include:

* “Personal Information” – simple name, DOB, SSN, etc

* “CPA Exam Applicant Questions” — Total # of credit hrs, GPA, GPA in accounting (a pain to determine if not calculated by undergrad school), and total amount of accounting work experience.

*”Ohio Exam Applicant Questions”— They basically just ask if you have taken the exam before, and any criminal history.

* “Education History”—every place that you have attended college and what degree was received

* “References”–  Must list four separate references

* “Credit Card Info”—the fun part where you get to pay for how many exams you decided to sign up for.  If taking all four, it comes out to $963 (App Fee – $140, Auditing – $230.55, Business – $180.95, Financial Accounting – $218.15, and Regulation – $193.35)

Some helpful links when registering for the CPA are listed below:


*Ohio Society of CPAs


* Application

* Accountancy Board of Ohio