This week’s top five

  1. We’re done with midterms! ‘Nuff said…
  2. Outing: lunch at Buca di Beppo in the Arena District with two beautiful ladies, CS and MC.
  3. My Neo-like move in ops at Prof. Hill’s question of “what do you think a manager would see different than a customer in this case” while I was filling out an internship application. Plus, there’s the fact that he called me by my last name, which I’m not used to. I said “satisfaction” and an ominous silence followed (his face was priceless), but I could say “you know, he might worry about employee satisfaction” before he could destroy me. Bring it on!!! 🙂
  4. Me: “Good morning. I’d like to reschedule the appointment I have today”; Nurse: (very politely) “Sir, you called yesterday to reschedule for tomorrow”. Me: [banging head on desk].
  5. Quote, by the news anchor on Fox: “We really urge all our viewers to stay off the road, as the snow is making conditions unsafe for anyone to be out there. Now let’s go live to our reporter XYZ who has been driving all night keeping us updated on road conditions.” (…huh?)

“You moved just like them…”  – Trinity