This is not going to be an A+ week

This is not an A+ week for the following reasons:

-no one is showing up to their appointments at work which gives me more time to NOT study….

-I have a midterm this evening and I have studied probably in all total about 1.5 hours for it…which right now feels like plenty but tonight at 6 pm it will not be enough (funny how I know that yet I am blogging, playing bejeweled blitz on facebook, texting, and not studying…)

-It is snowing outside. Again.  Third winter storm in a week.  Note to self take winter quarter off next year.  ha. ha.

-It’s becoming crunch time on group projects and I feel like my group projects are behind.  One more so than the other but I see a lot of weekend meetings in the near future….

On the plus side of things….

-I may have summer plans…still in the works so no details for you yet blog world, but I’m not freaking out anymore.

-I got a new normal size water bottle on sale at Kroger this weekend and I like it.

-There is a .00000000000000000000000000000000000009% chance classes could be canceled tonight…even that gives me a tiny bit of hope

-I will be leaving for Florida in one month and 2 days for spring break!

So….I rate this week a B-….it would be an A if classes were canceled and the midterm was made a take home….

oh and ps– I just wanted to link to my little brother’s blog.  I’m not one for bragging but he is turning out to be a pretty good and interesting sports writer (specifically involving baseball and the NY Mets) so I wanted to link him and anyone interested should check it out…he’s getting noticed on the NY Mets blog circuit (who knew one existed…) and I’m happy for him even if he is a pain in my butt. Here it is: