Let It Snow

Long before I got to know anything else about Ohio, this state is famous for its annual amount of snow, in my perspective. I have been pretty convinced of this belief judging on the snows I experienced since I moved into Columbus. Snow accumulated during the past two weeks is more than a foot deep, almost reaching knee height. And, school is closed today.

But, what I am going to say is, I like the snow in Columbus, not because of the class cancellation, but the way it snows. Born in Guangzhou in southern China, a city that hasn’t snowed for more than a century, I was not used to snow and cold weathers. The couple years spent in New York have made me hate snowing enough. Most of the snow in NYC came in the form of snow and shower. Whether you have an umbrella or not, the rain, the snow, and the droughts would guarantee a messy day. Muddy slush, traffic sprays, and water hollows with illusive “solid” looks are everybody’s nightmare. There was hardly a snow that I could truly enjoy because everything becomes wet and ugly, and making snow angels was most unlikely.

Compare to that in NYC, the snow in Columbus is way fancier! Most importantly, it is rarely snow and shower. The air is fresh and crisp when it snows here. As a result, the snow usually falls down as fine granules, instead of large clusters. Sometimes it even floats down in light single complete snowflakes. The large amount of snow is not totally due to heavy snows. Once entered into winter, snow falls down almost every day, loosely and slowly. Walking out-door everyday with snowflakes quietly landing on your shoulders, your hands, is as common as seeing birds flying above in the sky and watching squirrels running across. These little scenes are not annoying, but more likely to add a blend of refreshing taste in your day.

Well well well, I know people are going to complain about all these thoughts because I am a person without a car and live close to campus. But no matter where you are, if you have a car to shovel, you have a car to shovel. My point is, if there has to be some snow, I would rather have it here than in somewhere else. So, let it snow, let it snow. =)